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Automotive Solutions Drivetrain

We carry out the design and production activities of interior trim, exterior trim, chassis and security parts for main industry automotive companies. We present the finished and approved product to our customers by carrying out joint projects covering design, analysis, testing and verification activities starting from the styling stage of the product.

Engine Carrier Systems

Motor carrier brackets carry static and dynamic loads and absorb vibrations from low frequencies to high frequencies. We carry out production with the competence and necessary certificates to produce safety parts for the automotive industry.

Chassis Connection Systems

Chassis fittings provide space, weight and cost advantages to light commercial vehicle manufacturers. During the assembly process, the bending operation is applied to the parts. With the help of analyzes and processes developed by our company, we produce without the need for heat treatment in bending operations.

Air Suspension Systems

Air suspension systems are a heavy-duty and high-performance system that helps protect the payload and body of vehicles from the forces caused by harsh road conditions. The main function of the piston is to provide stability. We also apply leak tests in our body to prevent the piston from leaking.

Steering Systems

Steering transmission systems are among the most critical equipment in vehicles in terms of safety. Low porosity and dimensional accuracy expectations and very precise machining requirements complicate the manufacturability of the part. By meeting all these expectations, we also manufacture steering transmission systems.

Gearbox, Handbrake and Exhaust Parts

We manufacture and control handbrake and gearbox parts with precise tolerances.​

Battery System Solutions

We produce the carrier parts of battery systems used in vehicles.

Compressor Systems

We produce HDPC solutions for compressor parts where linearity is expected after production.​

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