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Our goal is “A Sustainable World with Happy Employees”.

As Yeşilova Holding, our goal is “A Sustainable World with Happy Employees” in every field that we operate. We follow this motto, our values and principles as we move forward towards this goal. To reach our purpose, we adopt sustainability in all 3 aspects: Environmental, Social and Economic as our core strategies and integrate to the way we do business in all our companies and processes.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability


Strategic planning
Risk management
Code of Ethics and Conduct
Supply chain code of conduct
Compliance with customer expectations


Working conditions and human rights
Diversity and equal opportunity
Occupational health and safety
Stakeholder satisfaction
Employee loyalty
Information security
Product quality and safety
Social responsibility


Efficient use of natural resources
Carbon emission and climate change effects
Energy management
Waste management
Water and wastewater management


R&D, Innovation, Job creation
Supply chain management
Raw material supply and efficiency
Customer satisfaction

Our Sustainability Journey



We became a participant in the "Family Business for Sustainable Development (FBSD)" Global Initiative, UNCTAD and the Family Business Network (FBN), the first of its kind between the United Nations and the Global Family Business community.



We organised Strategic Transformation workshops. We integrated sustainability into our 3 core strategies and adapted it to all our business processes.


2022 First 6 Months

We have identified SDGs that we prioritise and our projects that are directly or indirectly related to those. We have determined our Business Ethics and Code of Conduct, Policy and Sustainability Roadmap. We participated in the Taider North Star Sustainability Assessment. Our work is crowned with 2 awards in the Corporate Governance and Employees category.


2022 First 6 Months

Committees and Working Groups started their activities in order to develop policies and practices in line with the strategies and targets of companies across our Group, to share information and to produce joint projects. As an example, the Sustainability Committee and the Energy Working Group have been developing policies in light of the Sustainable Development Goals and our priorities since 2022.


2022 Last 6 Months

Gender equality and human rights are among the most important issues in our Group’s policies. For this reason, our Group has been a signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and the UN Global Compact since 2022, in line with its sustainability goals.


2023 First 6 Months

We launched the Yeşilova Academy in order to contribute to the development of our colleagues, pave the way for their progress, and support their personal and professional development.


2023 First 6 Months

We published our first GRI-compliant Sustainability Report, which analyses the sustainability performance of all our Group’s operations and describes our best practices, goals and strategic priorities in this area.


2023 First 6 Months

Gender equality and empowerment of our female employees is one of the issues at the centre of our Group’s activities. We have gathered our priorities and commitments in this regard under the umbrella of the “Balance at Work” project.


2023 Last 6 Months

We won the second prize in the “Be a Part of Recycling” competition, which promotes the recycling of aluminium-containing wastes and sustainability in this field by Turkish Aluminium İndustrialists Association (TALSAD).


2023 Last 6 Months

As one of the 10 companies selected among 104 companies that applied to the UN Women From Promise to Action project, we continue to improve our perspective on gender equality and empowerment of our female employees, which we started with our Balance at Work project.


2023 Last 6 Months

We have determined our road map and action plans for the net zero emission target.


2023 Last 6 Months

As a result of the evaluation and analyses conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, we were awarded the Great Place to Work certificate by meeting the criteria of a great workplace with a high trust culture.

2023 Sustainability Progress Report

Click to review the 2023 actual evaluations of the indicators shared in the 2021-2022 Yeşilova Group Sustainability Report.

Our Sustainability Reports

Click to review our sustainability reports, which examine our group’s sustainability performance and include our achievements and important outputs

Business Ethics and Behavior

As Yeşilova Group, click to review our commitments towards gender equality and the empowerment and support of women.

Yeşilova Group Companies Policies

As Yeşilova Holding, we adopt the purpose of “Happy People, Sustainable World” in every field of activity where our footprint is found with our Vision and our Passwords and Values that we use while advancing on this path. We reflect our purpose not only limited to our business but also in our policies where we strive for sustainability and human well-being at a global level. Click here to access our policies in this context.