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Technological Infrastructure

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver everything you need from a single source to bring innovative ideas to life.


Our melting capacity enables us to produce in a way that can process 5 different alloy types simultaneously. The whole whole process is executed with effective melting, uninterrupted, clean and controlled raw materials. We offer solutions using the latest technology.


With our knowledge and experience in materials, we can perform simultaneous production with 5 different alloys and a press capacity of up to 1320 tons for the expectations of the sectors we work with, thanks to full automation. In our injection molding lines equipped with the latest technology, the cell type is intelligent, which complies with the requirements of industry 4.0 with the perspective of “control while producing”.
We use machines.


We produce competitive parts by cleaning the surface of our casting parts with our continuous type sandblasting machines produced with the latest technology.


Using our advanced production equipment and superior technical expertise we perform all machining operations in a way that guarantees high precision, quality and efficiency.


Always considering the needs of our customers we carry out the assembly process using a fully controlled and integrated assembly line.

Test Center

As Yeşilova R&D Center, we conduct research and test studies on both material and product basis.

Our competent laboratory team performs metallographic and mechanical experiments to determine the characteristic properties of materials. At the same time, we carry out strength/durability tests such as dimensional and mechanical verification, material verification, paint and surface verification, and environmental tests on customer request with our devices that can test product expectations on site.