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Your solution partner in the automotive industry

Knowledge & Innovative perspective

With our knowledge and experience in aluminium, we produce value-added products and produce solutions that meet all the expectations of our customers.

We offer solutions in the production of high-pressure aluminium die-casting parts for various industries, primarily the automotive sector. With our machine setup that allows simultaneous melting of 4 different alloys, we carry out precision production with narrow tolerances. Embracing automation-based rapid production, sustainability, and efficiency are fundamental factors for success in die-casting quality, as we provide high-tech robotic applications in casting, surface treatment, and CNC machining processes.


“Happy Employees, Sustainable World”

We define the necessary approaches and develop practices to establish a corporate culture in which individual and corporate goals are mutually beneficial.


Cooperation and Synergy

At Yeşilova, we work in cooperation with all our colleagues with the motivation to always produce better. We owe our synergy to each other.

Our Principles & Values

Being Team

We communicate sincerely, Share the common goal, We shoulder the burdens together, We become happy.

Being Targeted

We set our strategies, Work in a planned manner, Closely monitor our task, Achive success.

Being Agile

Understanding chaning conditions, Taking quick actions in response to developments, Adding dynamism to our work, Putting us one step ahead.

Being Innovator

We question the existing, We are excited about change, We imagine the future, We become creative.

Being Transparent

Listening to each other, Expressing our ideas, Being open to communication, Remaing trustworthy.

Being Positive

Loving life and living beings, Seeing the beauthy, Nurturing love and goodwill, Showing respect to everyone.

Being Egalitarian

Seeing diversity as richness, Always maintaing balance, Acting justly, Uniting with our differences.

Being Environmentalist

We love green, Protect our environment, Contribute to nature, Look to the future with hope.