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Analysis, Design, Validation

Using high-end technology software, engineering knowledge and foresight, we always add innovative value to a product from design to development.

We avoid potential problems in the design process by considering parameters such as flow simulation, solidification simulation, stress analysis, sprue, material flow optimization, possible shrinkage and gas porosities.

During the design phase, our project and production engineers apply the necessary optimizations on the original customer model. In the optimization process, we  review all parameters including separation lines, exit angles, wall thicknesses, core designs and pushers to be able to contribute to our customers. 

Product Development

Our purpose is to forecast next technological trends and offer diversified products that meet the requirements for efficacy, lightness, cost, quality and safety. 

To design and develop our products, we work meticulously from initial development phase to end-product.   

Project Management

We adopt a dynamic responsive approach to specific customer needs, and a solution-oriented, proactive approach to project and team management for a flawless customer experience.

Quality Management

Licensed with international certificates and programs that meet the production requirements, we serve as a strategic solution partner that our customers trust.