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Value added products with aluminium casting

With our knowledge and experience in aluminium, we produce value-added products and produce solutions that meet all the expectations of our customers.

We produce value-added products with our high-pressure casting technology in all sectors and offer excellent solutions to our customers. We maintain efficiency throughout the process to achieve high-quality results.

High Engineering Service

We provide services from design support to mass production with the engineering solutions we offer. We provide added value to our customers with our solution-oriented approach, especially with our competent team in product development, mitigation and cost reduction studies.

Integrated solution for all customers’ needs

Sustainable customer satisfaction and delivery performance is our top priority. We offer integrated solutions with the additional values we add to high pressure casting, and we prove our strength with the meticulousness we show in our quality controls.


We follow and use the latest technology to meet customer expectations at the highest level.


We act with our superior engineering experience by offering rational solutions in every project.

Our Focus is a Sustainable World

We offer solutions for a sustainable world with the unlimited recycling feature of aluminium.